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no. 1 Imported from Ireland – This Avoca Plaid Throw made from 100% wool will keep you warm on a chilly fall night. $168 Terrainno. 2 Stanley Thermoses are an American standard, and will keep your apple cider piping hot $25 Stanleyno. 3 This cute print might just make it’s new home above my bar $29 by Dear Colleen; no. 4 Bring something both cute and compact to your next tailgating event. Jericho camping stool $108 by gallant and jonesno. 5  What autumn bonfire is complete without some tunes?  Solar powered radio $32 from Brook Farm General Store; no. 6 Made in Columbus with eight botanical infusions, this is the gin to use with those lemons… $28 Watershed Distillery for stores.


We made it!  It’s Friday!  I have so much on the docket for this weekend – hanging out with out-of-town friends and family, going to the nearby college football game, and attending my cute little nephew’s 3rd birthday party at a pumpkin patch! I’ll try to throw some home projects in there too, because the weekend isn’t complete if I’m not running around like a lunatic.


What is on your agenda?

Have a PHENOMENAL Friday and weekend!