Friday Faves 9.9

It’s been a wonderful week, hasn’t it? Coming off a long weekend into a four-day week can be downright crazy, but it went quickly and it’s already the weekend again! My favorite things from this week are few, but exceptional.


no. 1 I’ve loved this desk for a while, but I’m thinking of making my own homemade version of it!  If you want the real deal, you get it at West Elm for $399.

no. 2 This is my kitchen rug replacement!  I found it! LOVE this! Lima Rug from Calypso St. Barth for only $400

no. 3 If you’ve ever wanted an abstract painting, but don’t want to sacrifice femininity (or spend crazy cash on something you could do) you will love these beautiful pieces from Aeropagita Prints prices starting at $19

no. 4 Next time you have guests over for coffee, no matter how impromptu, serve cream from one of these cute little cups from pigeontoe ceramics and you’ll look so together (and artsy!) $20

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