Front Porch Fall Decor + Hello Harvest

I don’t know if you can tell yet, but I super love fall.  They don’t call it the Month of Erin for nothing (ok, so ‘they’ are just my family, but they love me, so they’re nice to humor me).  I’ve had so many fall posts to show you guys, that I almost forgot about my front porch fall decor!

You might recognize these planters from an earlier post. I’ll confess that although they were cute for the summer, I needed to transform them for fall and winter – and I like them a ton better.  I don’t know what got into me, but I was spray painting everything in my sight bronze that day.

I mixed a few different things to created these fall-inspired planters to flank my front door.  I used a combination of decorative curly grass, two colors of mums, and some purple kale. I filled in any blank spots with gourds, to give the arrangement more dimension and color.  All of the plants for both planters cost around $18 at Lowes, and the planters were free (only requiring a bit of spray paint I had on hand).

What have you guys decorated your porches with? Anything cool? Please Share!


Have a FESTIVE Thursday!

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