Front Porch Tri-Fecta

Sometimes you don’t realize the condition of something until you have to show it off.  In my very first post for our House Tour, I realized that our exterior needed some TLC.  Although I’ve known this subconsciously for a while, I decided that it was really time to act.  My to-do list for the exterior includes:

  • Repainting the porch
  • Replacing lattice
  • Repainting the window trim
  • Power wash exterior siding
  • New roof (meeting with roof man tonight!)
  • New gutters
  • New house numbers and porch light
  • Thin out and spruce up landscaping (hostas can really take over!)
  • Paint front door exterior (maybe a fun color?)
  • Remove door ‘shutters’

I’d wanted a solution for our house numbers before the winter because it is really rough for new people to find the house in the dark. I wanted something that went with the age of the house, while being visible from the street.  Incorporating the transom was something I wanted to do also, since it’s definitely one of the positive features of the door. I landed on doing some adhesive numbers on the transom and found some pretty inspiration from Apartment Therapy.  I ordered some adhesive numbers from Do It Yourself Lettering and it was so easy! I also was able to pick a reflective silver lining for my numbers so that drivers can easily see the address.

Along with adding the house numbers for better visitor visibility, went changing the light.  What was the purpose of adding new numbers if they can’t be seen! Similar to the house numbers, it was important to me to use a light which is updated, but could possibly fit in around the turn of the 19th century when our house was new.

I replaced our rusted gold shell of a light fixture with basically the same exact fixture.  Why?  I felt that it wouldn’t take much stylistically to achieve the cleaned-up old-school look I was going for.  As it turned out, painting a $5 light fixture and a little ceiling medallion was all I needed to showcase a pretty vintage globe.

I’m happy with how things turned out.  Not only do I like the little facelift my front porch has received, but I learned something new too!  The light fixture was actually the first one which I’ve completely installed myself with no husbandry help! Woo Hoo! I think I’ll still use his help in the future, because I like doing projects together, but now when he’s otherwise occupied, I can still forge forward.

They’re just three little changes, but they make me feel pretty accomplished.  Did you gets get your hands dirty this weekend?

Have a REWARDING Monday!

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