Frozen Chocolate Key Lime Pie Pops

frozen key lime pie

Guys, today’s recipe is a MUST TRY.  If you like key lime whatsoever, I implore you to try this out.  I am a pretty big key lime fan (I’m a lover of most citrusy desserts), but two years ago my life and the way key lime pie fits into it were both changed forever.  You think I’m exaggerating, I’m not.  You could ask Matt, because he has heard about this endlessly for two years now.

What happened two years ago?  Well, I was at a wedding in the Florida Keys and on my drive back to Miami, I realized I hadn’t had any key lime pie during my entire visit.  I was pulling into a roadside market to grab a drink and they had a few local key lime delicacies there as well.  Based on the fact that I was driving, I chose the frozen chocolate dipped key lime pie.  I went along my way and as soon as I bit into that frozen treat, I was completely obsessed.  I finished my key lime on-a-stick and called Matt to tell him how good it was.  Then, I took a picture of the package so I could remember it.  Something about the dark chocolate with the tartness of the key lime just really works so so well together. Talk about being crazy for something…


This summer, with my affinity for all things fruity, citrusy, and frozen, I decided to actually give this treat a try.  It was much easier than I expected, although there are a few things I’d do differently a second time around.

First, I bought a key lime pie.  I really just should have made one, but we have a great bakery that makes homemade pies and so I went that route.  Now… there are two things about this purchased pie that I would do differently.  First, it had meringue on it, which isn’t my favorite and I don’t think that is super authentic. Plus, it was my understanding that key lime pie should have a graham crust.  For these two reasons, I will actually make my own pie next time. Aside from that, the steps were simple.

First, I froze the pie.  Then, I cut the frozen pie into wedges and inserted a thick popsicle stick in each. After the wedges were cut and sticks inserted, I re-froze the pie pieces for an hour or so.



Once the pie pieces were hardened, I covered each piece with melted dark chocolate.  I used nestle dark chocolate chips and melted them for just 3 minutes at 40% power in my microwave.  I dipped the cut sides into the chocolate, then used a spoon to spoon chocolate over the top and smooth the sides.



Not only is this an amazing treat, but the personal servings are perfect for parties!  Again, I would totally recommend skipping the meringue and using a graham crust (which is what I’ll do next time, which might be next week).

Or, the original company who make the key lime pie-on-a-stick that I had that fateful day two years ago does sell them online (Remember, I took a picture of the wrapper?!).  So if making this treat isn’t your forte, you can take the shortcut!

Have you ever had one of these before?  Have you ever tried to make it?  Tell me about it!

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