Gather Knit Script


We’re getting ready for Thanksgiving guests around here and I’m adding a few little decor touches here and there around the house.  I’m especially excited because this is the first year I’ve had a mantle to decorate. We used to have the TV over the mantle back before the living room and dining room were swapped, but now it’s open for me to decorate!

I had been eyeing this knit script wall art that I say in my friend Anne’s book, Knitting Without Needles.  Originally, I was going to do something for the baby’s room, but felt like a cozy knit ‘gather’ would be fun for the holidays!


I think one of the best things about this project is how customizable it is.  You can choose whatever color or word suites your fancy!  It’s easy and inexpensive too.  Here’s how I made it.


dsc_4949 dsc_4950

Start by finger knitting one entire skein of yarn. It made about 5 yards.  Then, bend your wire into a loose script.  Don’t make it too tight or small.  You’ll want to adjust the letters once you’re finished, but you should get a rough word created in this stage.

dsc_4951 dsc_4953

Lastly, thread the fingerknit chain onto the wire word.  After the yarn is on, you’ll be able to adjust and re-space the letters to look exactly how you’d like.


It was a really fun and simple project that is perfect for this time of year.  Kids can help with the finger knitting and make the project really inclusive!

This is just one of so many projects I want to do from Anne’s book.  I think you’ll love it as well, so today we’re offering you 20% off her book!  Just use the code EARNEST20 to get your discount.  The book would make a fabulous christmas gift for any of the makers and doers on your list too!  It’s good for one week, so hop to it!

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