Gender Prediction Wives Tales

gender wives tales

One of the most fun parts of waiting to find out the gender of our baby has been all of the wives tales and theories.  It’s so fun to hear what everyone thinks based on what they’ve heard, been told, or what tales have been passed down from generation to generation.

I think of the gender prediction wives tales like a type of storytelling that has lasted through the ages and think it’s so interesting to get other generational and cultural perspectives.

Although we spoke last week about the crazy comments pregnant women get in public, the wives tales are ones that I welcome and enjoy.  When it comes to some of the most popular ones, it seems that I’m having a boy, but, of course, we’ll have to see!

Here are some of the biggies and what they say about me.

Skin Theory

If you have better, glowing skin, it’s a boy, but if you break out more or your skin is dull and lifeless, then a girl is stealing your beauty. While my face has cleared up nicely and I’ve had a nice ‘glow’ during the pregnancy, I have developed acne across my shoulders, so I’m on the fence with this one.


A fetal heart rate under 140 is supposed to mean boy while higher heart rates point to a girl. For us, heart rate points to a boy!

Necklace Test

If you put your wedding ring on a long chain and hold it above your stomach while you’re laying down, it’s supposed to reveal the gender.  If it swings back and forth like a pendulum, tales say it’s a boy.  If the ring circles your stomach, then a girl is on the way.

Dad’s Weight

They say that if dad gains weight along with mom, it’s a boy.  If he maintains or looses weight during the pregnancy, then it is a girl.  Matt has maintained or lost weight, so this one points to girl!


Legends say that those who crave salty, savory foods and meat are having a boy whereas cravings sweets indicates a girl.  I’ve craved fruit this entire pregnancy.  Peaches, melon, grapes, and strawberries are basically what I live on.  I’ve actually made my stomach upset with the amount of apples eaten in one day.  I am typically not a big sweets person, so this is a deviation from my typical habits.

How Do You Carry

Folklore says that carrying low indicates a boy and a high bump is the sign of a girl.  My bump has really been smack in the middle.  Although people look at me and think it’s low, my doctor told me I was carrying high because of the amount of space I had under my bump.  But, my lungs and stomach were never really crowded either, so I’d say this one is a draw.

Stomach Shape

Very round like a basketball is known to indicate a boy while girl bumps tend to be wider.  I’ve definitely got the basketball thing going on, so my shape is all boy.

Boob Imbalance

I just heard this one actually, that if your right boob is larger than your left it’s a boy.  The opposite is true for a girl.  I am on the fence about the legitimacy of this since I feel like women have different sized breasts anyway.  But, I’d have to say that it points to me having a boy nonetheless.

Weight Gain

Folks say that if you gain most of your non-bump weight in your thighs, then it’s a boy.  If your weight gain is through the middle/waist, then it’s a girl.  For me, I’d say this one is a draw.  I haven’t gained a ton of weight outside of my belly and just being a little plumper overall.  There isn’t one area that I feel has gained more than another.

Loss of Grace

Some people say that if you are clumsier during pregnancy, then it’s a boy, but if you are still graceful, then you’re having a girl.  Personally, don’t think I’m any clumsier.  I have still been able to climb ladders and navigate heights during this pregnancy without hassle.  So, for me, this would point to having a girl.

Cold Feet

Feet that are colder than usual means that a boy is on the way, but if your feet aren’t colder than usual, then it’s a girl.  For this one, I must be having a super girly girl!  My feet have been hot and sweaty (sorry!) throughout.

Conception Age + Month

If your age and conception plus the month of conception are an odd number, then it’s a boy.  If the sum is even, you’re likely having a girl.  If this is true, then we should welcome a baby girl.

Side Sleeper

If you prefer your left side, it is supposed to mean you’re having a boy.  If you sleep on your right, then a girl is on the way.  I sleep on both sides throughout the night, tossing from one to the other when my hips get sore.  I did sleep on my back for as long as I humanly could because that is my preference, so it’s another draw for me!

Hairy Nature

The tales say that if you grow body hair faster than normal, you’re having a boy, whereas if your leg hair and other body hair maintain the same growth, it’s a girl.  I can’t say I’ve seen an increase in hairiness at all.  Even my head hair didn’t get thick and lustrous like people said it would!  So this one would point to me having a girl.

Face Shape

They say that if your face stays lean during pregnancy, it’s a boy, but developing a rounder face means you’re having a girl.  My face really hasn’t changed.  I would definitely say that for me, this one points to boy.

If you add them all up, it’s totally half and half for me!  What do all of these crazy tales say about you?  Did you find any more true or false?  Of course, it’s hard to mention gender wives tales without discussing the Chinese calendar.  Mine says boy.  What did yours say?


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