Geometric Gold Foil Tumbler DIY

gold foil tumblers

It felt good to flex my crafty muscles this weekend.  Not only did I made this geometric foil gem, but I also made a fair amount of pretty party goods for my sister-in-law’s baby shower. I even re-covered a stool that I’d bought over a year ago.  After the holidays, redesigning this site, being out of town for a week, then tearing my entire office apart, I’ve just finally gotten back in the swing of things and it feels so nice.

I like using juice glasses for small flower arrangements.  Since I usually have about 3-4 arrangements scattered through the house at any given point, I was using our entire set of juice glasses and realized that I might just need to go pick up a few one-dollar glasses instead of leaving us to drink all beverages out of mugs or champagne flutes.


The little stacked and shifted triangles make a really cool pattern for the glass as well.  It’s plain enough for regular use and cool enough not to bore me. Plus, using dishwasher-safe decoupage means that the design will last a while.  Ready to see the step by step? 


This project can also be done on actual drinking glasses since it’s water and dishwasher safe!  I would recommend keeping the glue at least 1″ away from anywhere your food or mouth would touch, however (this one-inch rule is actually the FDA regulated distance for any paint or adhesive, so you can also wow your friends with that random bit of knowledge).

Geometric Gold Foil Tumblers



  • small paintbrush or sponge brush
  • scissors
  • tweezers

diy foil glasses dishwasher safe - step 1

If you’ve ever worked with gold leaf before, you’ll know that it’s quite fickle. I would stick to using shapes that are easily cut, which is why I used this triangle motif.

CUT your desired shape out of the gold leaf sheets.  Do not remove the wax paper backing.

BRUSH decoupage on a small area of your glass.  If you lather up the entire glass, it will dry before you can get all the foil on, so I liked working with just enough space for two pieces.

diy foil glasses dishwasher safe - step 2

diy foil glasses dishwasher safe - step 3

PLACE the leaf onto the decoupage area with the metallic side down.  Use tweezers because the leaf will stick to your fingers.

REMOVE the wax paper backing after about 1 minute.  If the leaf is coming up with the backing, lightly rub the back of the wax paper with your tweezers, then try again.  One of the reasons why the foil will pull up is because the glue isn’t dry enough yet.  If it’s giving you trouble, leave it for another minute, then try again. I recommend removing the backing before you move onto the next pieces, however, so that when you brush on the decoupage for the next piece, you don’t inadvertently glue the backing on!

diy foil glasses dishwasher safe - step 4

diy foil glasses dishwasher safe - step 5

BRUSH a top coat of decoupage over the top of the foil very very delicately.  I used a sponge brush here, but I actually switched to a small paint brush later on because it was easier not to scrape the foil. Continue this process until your desired look is complete! I worked with 2-3 triangle pieces at a time up until the last step, then gave it the top coat after they were all placed.




I like that it’s crafty, but it’s still a pretty cool piece.  It definitely looks like something you’d find at a cool boutique, no?

I hope you like it and are encouraged to play around with gold leaf in some more unique ways now!


Have a fabulous Tuesday, guys!

Art in photo is by Lauren of A Fabulous Fete, Clutch shown is Clare V.

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