Getting the Shelving Show on the Road

Last year, I wrote a lot about my plans for my master bedroom, including the built-in bookshelves that have been in the back of my mind for over a year.

We have an odd wall in our master bedroom due to the fireplace downstairs and it’s chimney which continues up through this room.  I always felt that two (somewhat) symmetrical bookshelves would be a good idea to make the best of the odd wall and also to give us more storage.  We have a ton of books and collectables which need a home.

When I initially posted about the idea, our bed used to be orientated on the left side wall.  Matt challenged me to move the bed in order to see if I even liked the bed on the strange wall prior to going through the shelf building process.

We’ve been living with the moved bed and emulated the idea of having shelving behind the bed with tables and smaller bookshelves.  I’m proud to report that we’re moving ahead with the plans, and I spent some time yesterday measuring out the space. We are limited to how deep the shelves can be due to the window on our north wall, but I think 14″ will be a good hearty depth.

Along with the shelving we’re going to re-paint the room (in the same exact color!), repaint the white trim, and replace the flooring. Since these things will be done around the shelves, our first move before any of the other bedroom changes will be to build the shelving.

After the shelves are done, I’ll be building a custom headboard and layering some interesting side tables in front of the shelving.  You may wonder how that’s all going to work stacked in front of the shelves, but I assure you, I’ve got a vision!  Stay tuned!

P.S. This weekend, I did everything that was on my to-do list including shopping for some non-work clothes, getting caught up on floral school, having brunch with my parents and photographing the wedding reception of some friends (my first experience shooting a wedding, but they came out so well and I’ve excited to share a few).  I hope your weekend was everything you wanted it to be and you’re ready to get back into action on this full five-day week!


Have a SPLENDID Monday

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