Giant Tassel Fringe Rug DIY

giant tassel fringe rug

If we made a list of things I loved, we all know neutrals would be on one hand and on the others… tassels.  Goodness, I love tassels. I have scarves, kimonos, necklaces, and napkins all with tassels.

I picked up this textured jute rug at World Market last week just because it was beautiful and only $24. I knew right when I saw it that I ‘d be fastening tassels to its edges and calling it mine. I feel like I’ve seen several other designs at super high prices, yet this one cost just under $30.  That is a win.


DSC_0318_1 DSC_0309_1

I think we all know that sometimes the prettiest things are those that we create, and especially when they’re this inexpensive. Are you ready for it? 

tassel fringe rug tutorial 1


tassel fringe rug tutorial 2 tassel fringe rug tutorial 3 tassel fringe rug tutorial 4 tassel fringe rug tutorial 5 tassel fringe rug tutorial 6 tassel fringe rug tutorial 7 DSC_0307_1 DSC_0319_1

I love the way it turned out and I know that you do too!  Is there a place in your home you could see this rug?  So, let’s go make one!

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