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Welcome to our first (ever) gift guide series!  Each year I just think that people wouldn’t like the very down to earth things that I tend to buy for my loved ones. But then this year, I got tired of seeing $200 candles and bacon everything on gift guides.  I tend to spend a lower amount than maybe most people do as well, so I thought, “hey, people might really like the very normal things I buy for my family.” Due to this thought, I’m sharing with you to the things that are topping my charts for everyone in my life.  My lists won’t be huge, but they’re practical!  If you are someone in my family, you may see one or two of these under the tree, so it’s a total spoiler alert.

First, we’ll start with the women!  ONE Minted’s new foil art is gorgeous and I love that it can overlay a photo making it extra special. This little bow art is so precious and I can guarantee you that any of the women in my life would love it!  They’re between $54-$118 depending on the frame. TWO cowl neck scarves are good for a few reasons, mainly because they’re easy to style and really warm.  This wool tweed cowl from Mark & Graham is just $49 and would again, work really well for both of our moms or even my grandma! THREE most monogram bracelets I see are pretty pricey. This one is just $43 and it’s sterling silver from MitchPersonalized. FOUR this handbag is at the top of the range for us ($278), but we are totally okay going in with some other siblings and splurging on something really perfect.  This leopard bag would go with anything and is such a pretty frivolous surprise for a mother! FIVE If your mother or grandmother is a gardening aficionado, a flower press might be a great idea! They can use the microwave to press flowers very quickly then use them in crafts or in their favorite frame. $28 from Amazon. SIX I love the year-round quilted jacket from Eddie Bauer and at just $90, I feel like I might have to get one for myself too! SEVEN for the mother or grandmother who is creative in the kitchen, a set of flavored olive oils is a wonderful way to get them exploring some new recipes (and you might be able to benefit from this one!).  $40 for a set of four oils.


Now for the fathers and grandfathers.  ONE my dad and grandpa are both big handkerchief guys.  These cute and festive ticking stripe hankies come with free embroidery! $29 for four from Mark & Graham. TWO for the tailgater or outdoorsman, this portable ‘X’ grill folds right up into it’s own carrying case and its just $53! THREE my dad always has a pocketful of toothpicks.  This little leather toothpick case is the perfect everyday treat, plus it comes as a four pack from Ball and Buck, so buy them for just $20 and give them to all your men! FOUR we all know panama hats are in style, they’re cool for dads and grandpas too!  If he is a golfer, fisherman, or dapper dan, he’ll love this packable straw hat.  $80. FIVE a few years ago I started the tradition of buying my dad a new nutcracker each christmas.  This very hefty brass walnut nutcracker from Grandiflora is $48 and perfect for it’s intended use or as a paperweight or object d’art. SIX Although nobody in my family  fishes, most of the men do smoke cigars, so this portable, waterproof humidor is a great gift! $50 from Gorge Fly Shop. SEVEN any music buffs on your list?  One of the biggest collections of black and white photographs from Harry Benson are compiled into one pretty awesome Beatles book.

If you had any awesome gift ideas when brainstorming for your parents or grandparents this year, let us all know in the comments below!


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