Gift Guide: Four Legged Friends

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For the Dogs

ONE for the woodsy hipster pup, this flannel plaid coat by Billy Wolf is lined in faux sherpa and is so cute! $62 from Steven Alan. TWO I love the arrow deboss on this natural leather dog collar.  Perry has only worn pink collars for the last nine years, but we might have to change that! THREE I love the look of woven leashes, but they can be too expensive.  This brown and white version from L.L.Bean is cute and cost-efficient at just $15. FOUR a floating buoy toy is perfect for the dogs who love to swim.  Perry won’t step her paw into water if we don’t force her, but for those of you with retrievers, I’m sure they’d love this $14 treat from Waggo! FIVE These dog bowls are ‘Specktacular’!  Black with gold dots are good for the stylish dog (or dog owner).  They also come in white and red and are $18 each from Waggo.

For the Cats

ONE a little nautical stripe collar with cute bell is perfect for the preppy cat. $30 from Mungo & Maud. TWO for the curious cat, a whack-a-mole game would be a hoot to watch and is a steal at just $10. THREE okay, so I know a $130 cat teepee isn’t everyone’s idea of a great gift, but I feel like crazy cat people would totally love this. FOUR so cute!  A catnip ice cream cone is a darling idea for your felines stocking.


Are we the only nut-sos who do a stocking and gifts for our pet?  It’s Perry’s ninth christmas and she’s become quite good at opening presents.  Once we give her one, however, she thinks everything we open is for her and sticks her nose right in each package.  We love spending Christmas morning playing with her and her new toys.  She’s usually so worn out after the morning gift opening that she is useless for the rest of the day!  I know this is a pretty narrow list as far as pets go… but dogs and cats are the most common.  I did find this AMAZING gift for the turtle lover, however.

Do you include your furry friends in the holidays?  Tell me about it!


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