Gift Guide: Quirky with Baba Souk!

gift guide quirky quirky round up

ONE  Gold dot vase is right up my alley and would make the perfect gift for your domestic friends! TWO For the understated cool friend, quartz studs are sparkly, but toned down (I have some on their way to me!!) THREE kisses and hugs!  The gold and white dotted XO cake toppers make a cute anyone gift. (again, it’s all about the fun things we like, but don’t indulge ourselves with!) FOUR For the techy fashionista, an iPhone sleeve is the perfect way to show off style, and this one is on sale for $15 FIVE This necklace looks like a smile, but it’s gold and white colors are subdued. $34 SIX The breads of France!  I love this large 11″ x 15″ black and white pastry print and have it on order for my kitchen! $45 SEVEN quirky in every sense, these grey cloud pot holders would make a fun gift for an artsy friend! $20.


You wouldn’t know that I’ve got an incredibly quirky side because my style tends to be very subdued, but it comes out mostly when I’m dancing in my kitchen or singing to my dog.  I’ve included Baba Souk in lots of my Friday Faves round ups, so I thought it kismet when they reached out about putting together a round up for the holidays!  I decided to show my quirky side a bit with these fun picks.  The items sold on Baba Souk are handmade my small artisans which makes it wonderfully special in my book.  If you aren’t familiar with Baba Souk, spend some time exploring!


Disclosure:  This post was created in partnership with Baba Souk.  I received a little product gift as a token of their appreciation, but I am over the moon to share it with you guys!!!

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