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horse keychain diy

One of my favorite things about the spring is the horse racing and culture surrounding it.  Mint juleps, big hats, the rush of a few second long race… I love it all.

This little golden horse keychain is preppy, fun, and just takes a few short minutes to make.  Really, you could take the same DIY elements and apply them to almost anything, but today, I am showing you how to make this gilded horse keychain and maybe it will strike up a little luck for the derby this weekend.

horse keychain gold horse keychain

Want to give it a go?  Full instructions and step by step photos are next! 



  • Plastic toy horse
  • Screw-in loops (available in the wood section of a craft store)
  • Pushpin (not pictured)
  • Super glue
  • Spray Paint
  • Blank keychain

gold horse keychain workflow

ONE use your pushpin to make a hole in the back of your toy horse.  TWO cover the threads of the screw loop in superglue, then screw it into the hole you made in step one.  THREE spray your horse with the paint.  Hanging the horse from a piece of string makes it easier to hold while painting.


It’s super simple, almost fool-proof, and turns out darling.  Pair it with a fringy keychain for a pretty pairing.


Have a great day, guys!