Glassware Space Saver

glassware organization copy

I might have mentioned it before, but I have a little problem with glassware.  I love buying new wine glasses, martini glasses, champagne coupes, you name it.  I figured out a little trick to stack way more glasses together that works perfectly for those of you (like us) that have very small amounts of storage.  If you don’t have enough space for your fancy glasses, here’s a little trick that will win you a few inches.

Glassware Organizing Trick

See the photo on the left? The glasses are all in a line, right side up. This is pretty, no doubt, but it takes up a bit of space.  All of the wide parts of the glasses are up against each other, widening out the amount of space used in the cupboard.  See the photo on the right?  The glasses are alternated – one up, one down.  They line up much much closer this way, allowing you to  stack more together than you did before.


Now wasn’t that an easy way to gain a little more space?


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