Glitter + Thanks

Doesn’t a little gold and glitter just make everything better? It even makes plain old alphabet pasta better (although not from a taste standpoint).

Tonight, I’m having a couple of friends (my boss and his wife) over for dinner and wanted to spruce up my table a tad.  I saw this cute alphabet pasta pie topper over at one of my favorite blogs, Oh Happy Day this week and really wanted to use this pasta idea.  Since I’m not huge on decorating food (I mostly like to serve it up au natural), I wanted to add the idea to the table decor.

The project was pretty easy and fun, the hardest part was finding an ‘I’.  After the glue had set, I took the strips of paper outside and lightly sprayed them with gold spray paint.  I let the paint dry and then I had a fun little message to glitz up the natural decor on my table.

I toyed with the idea of putting them on plates or as napkin rings, but ended up intertwining the golden ribbons through the centerpiece like a subtle little banner message.

Does it bring you back to your school days of making pasta art for your parents? What about giving it a try for your Thanksgiving table?

Have a THANKFUL Wednesday!

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