Gold Foil Monogram & Rubber Dipped Tote

diy foil monogram tote

I’m going to start off by saying that I am not a big monogram person.   I very rarely (if ever) opt for the monogramed goods mostly because the inherent preppiness just isn’t me.  Maybe it’s because I worked at the preppiest place on earth for 8+ years, but the only way you’re getting a monogram into my life is if it’s very simple and modern.  Then we can talk.

I honestly had this idea (and the materials) sitting around for several months, but the original idea was to use some quirky phrase instead of a monogram.  But then I got to thinking about how obsessed I’ve been with this tote from Madewell for the past 3 years… the thin, narrow monogram that made it seem so current and cool.  I was swayed to try the monogram myself on this super simple linen tote, but I still felt like it needed a little something extra.

In came the rubberized bottom.  I like the idea of the color blocking to further modernize a plain linen tote, and the rubber finish means that the bottom is super durable and is weather resistant.  So, I could set this tote down on the wet ground if I had full hands and it wouldn’t be an issue.


The materials needed for this DIY are very simple and I found most at my local craft store (Joann Fabrics) and the Plasti-Dip was from Lowe’s.  I’ve linked to everything here on Amazon, however, so you can access directly!  I certainly didn’t use all of the paint, foil, or tape, and you could make a few bags out of the materials!

Tools & Materials:

basic, plain tote

Tulip Metallic Iron-on Transfer

Plasti Dip Spray Paint

Painters Tape (I used gaffers tape because I think it makes a better line on fabrics)

Home Printer

Craft Knife



gold foil monogram tote instructions 1

First, section off the bottom of the tote with your tape of choice.  You can use painters tape, but I think gaffers tape works 10x better for fabrics and it stops any seeping whatsoever.  Then, you can cover the top of your bag with a plastic garbage bag or something else large enough to shield it from the paint (not pictured).  Once the top is safe, go ahead and spray the bottom of the bag.  I used 2 coats, letting them dry in-between the next.

gold foil monogram tote instructions 2

gold foil monogram tote instructions 3

While the paint is drying, you can cut out your foil!  If you have a cricut, feel free to use it, but this monogram was so simple that I cut it by hand.  First, print out the letters onto printer paper and then cut them out with scissors.  Then, trace around your cut-out letters.  Flip the letters backwards and trace on the backside of the foil so that you don’t see any marker marks.

Then, use a craft knife (or scissors!) to cut out the letters you just traced.

gold foil monogram tote instructions 4

gold foil monogram tote instructions 5

Place the letters onto your tote and then cover lightly with a piece of fabric (make sure the letters don’t move when you cover them!).  Iron over the letters with first pressure for 40-60 seconds using the linen setting on your iron.

gold foil monogram tote instructions 6



Didn’t it turn out adorable?!  It did take a little more time and effort than some of the DIYs I do, but here was the amazing part.  I’ve carried it several places in the last week, and every single time I carry it, I get stopped and asked, “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT!”  I think it looks like an upscale Kate Spade bag or something… but obviously much less expensive than similar KS bags.

I hope you’ll give this one a try!  It’s a fun lazy weekend afternoon project that people will be so envious of!

Get the Materials

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