Gold Fruit Bowl DIY

parfait dish footed vase

So, this has turned into a bit of a preview for tomorrow’s post, but sprung up out of total necessity (which is how ideas for most of my projects are born). I was searching around this weekend for a footed fruit bowl or parfait dish for this weeks’ spring floral series post, which is clearly about large, shallow arrangements and how to put them together.

Onto the dish… I went to no less than 5 stores looking for the footed dish I had in mind and still was at a total loss.  everything was plain looking and too large. Although I know some of you probably have dishes similar to this already in your arsenal, I don’t, so I decided I’d make something.  I’ve seen so many DIY candles and cake plates online, so I thought I’d put this knowledge to use and make myself a fruit dish for the arrangement (or for fruit, or candy, or anything).  Are you ready for this tutorial?

diy fruit bowl

Want to know the best part about this project?  It cost me less than $8. And that includes the paint and the glue.  Keep reading for the full tutorial! 


  • Glass bowl (mine’s from the dollar tree)
  • Glass Candlestick (also from the dollar tree)
  • Superglue
  • Gold spray paint

fruit vase materials fruit bowl diy tutorial

ONE liberally apply super glue to the top of the candle stick.  TWO firmly place it on the bottom of the glass bowl and set it aside for 1-2 hours.  THREE turn the bowl upside-down and spray paint it the color of your choice (I chose gold)

That’s all.  Can you believe it!  I went to the Dollar Tree just this weekend and found the bowl, candle stick, and glue.  Score!

diy gold footed bowl

Didn’t it turn out just lovely?

AND the best part is that I’m showing you how to make this exact flower arrangement tomorrow.  Are you excited?

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