Grandiflora Fall 14 Collection is live!


It’s here, it’s here!!  Finally, after so much waiting and anticipation (at least from my end), the Fall 2014 Grandiflora collection is live! Of course you all have seen the ‘behind’ the scenes photos of me preparing the product for this day since I showed you my photoshoot prep, the photoshoot in action, and some peeks from the shoot just last week.


We have TWENTY new products which are all so special to me in their own ways. We have one more which is just late to the game and will be debuting later this week (there is always a straggler, right?).

Aside from the new styles, there are a couple of other new things this season (you’ll love these): 

  • The products are in limited quantities!  I bought them small so they wouldn’t be hanging around for a year and so they would be even more special. So if you want it, jump on it because I can’t promise it will be here long.
  • We are offering free shipping on all orders over $50!  Isn’t that exciting?
  • We are updating more often! It won’t be another year before the next collection launches.  In fact, we’re preparing our holiday items to be added to the shop in early November!
  • We are having a sale on our Spring 2014 items!  Get ’em while they’re hot!

O14A4263 O14A4387 O14A4607 O14A4550 O14A4666 O14A4626 O14A4679

I’m just giddy with excitement!  Share your favorite piece in the comments below!!

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