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I do not have a marketing degree.  Or a graphic design degree, or a slew of many other business and design related degrees that someone running their own private label may have.  I only have my little science degree and the experiences I’ve had in the 3o+ years of life I’ve lived.  I say this because I know that some big parts of my business are not my forte.  I do, however, LOVE wrapping gifts, making things pretty, playing with stickers, and sending snail mail.  This is probably why packing up my Grandiflora goodies before they head to their forever homes is such a fun part of my job.

Regardless of the ribbon, tissue paper, boxes, and bows I use, that still leaves one big hole for the marketing (again, not my forte).

I know this is such an important piece of the pie though.  What does the customer see when they open up a package? What do they read? Do they get a sense for who we are? I want them to feel like they’re getting a special, well thought out piece of my company. With all of the things I want a customer to feel, I can tell you that it doesn’t come easy… or cheap.  Hiring out services that aren’t my strength can be a stretch for a new business.  

thank you cards for small businesses marketing for small business Grandiflora Marketing Postcards

This changed recently, however! A couple of weeks ago, I tried out the new Makr app to make some cute little mini notes, but while I was snooping around, I found that I could upload my own logo to do some work for Grandiflora too!  I had run out of my previously used notecards that I send to customers in their packages and I’d been looking at getting some others made. I played with the app a bit and came up with these CUTE spotted postcards.

grandiflora postcard

They’re my first attempt, and I intend to play with it more and come up with a little suite of printable pieces. I am giddy over the prospect of what I can make for the future (discount mailers?!) and can’t wait to dig in more and more.

Anyway, I wanted to keep you guys on the up and up on what I’m doing here behind the scenes and let you know about the logo opportunities with Makr in case you have your own small business! Same as last time, House of Earnest readers can get one Makr credit and 20% off any print order with the code EARNESTFAN!

Have fun playing with the app!


This post was brought to you in partnership with Makr.  Thank you so much for supporting the brands that help us create fresh, exciting content daily!

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