Grandiflora Spring Home + Gift Fair

grandiflora pillow covers

Wow, it’s been a whirlwind of a weekend.  Firstly, thank you guys for all of your support and kindness about this post last week.  I’m still trying to get things back to normal over here and hopefully will have a computer and be totally back to my normal blogging by the end of this week. Secondly, my apologies about the super late post today.  We drove back from Atlanta yesterday after the show ended and got back in the middle of the night.

grandiflora home and decor line

In the meantime, I’ve had some wonderful things happening!  This past weekend I went to the Atlanta Home + Gift Fair to showcase my Grandiflora line.  I was so so so nervous before I went about setting up the booth and ensuring that the ‘retail space’ I was building really reflected the line and the feeling I was trying to convey with it.  After a 10 hour drive with a car packed to the gills, I made it into Atlanta and got to work on my teeny tiny little 9′ x 10′ booth.  If any of you have been to these fairs as buyers or exhibitors, you’ll know how small these little spaces really are.  Although I’d mapped it out in my house beforehand, I was still almost dumbstruck when I got there and saw the space.  Keep reading for the ugly before shot and what I did about it. 

grandiflora spring booth before

The ‘before’ was a very typical tradeshow set up.  It’s called a ‘pipe + drape’ structure and is literally metal pipe with some white sheers.  Oh, and don’t forget about the terrible multicolor convention center carpet. I had brought all of my product and a few supplies that I’d learned about from various other internet resources.  I planned to use foam core board as ‘walls’ and a puzzle piece faux wood floor to transform the space.  A few display pieces from Ikea rounded out the list of things I needed to properly showcase the line.

spring 2014 grandiflora booth

The ‘after’ photo just makes me so proud.  I made little bump-outs on the back wall so that I could hide wires, empty boxes, and some supplies without encroaching upon my neighbors space. A cheap Ikea desk wrapped in foam core board served a similar purpose.  You don’t realize until you’re stuck in 90 square feet for three full days that you need places to hide things like your purse and the bag of Chick fil’a waffle fries you were noshing on before someone popped in.

atlanta booth design diptych 2

atlanta booth design diptych 1

grandiflora home and decor best in show

I can’t say it all came together easily.  It took two full eight hour days, an impromptu uhaul van rental, a parking ticket in said uhaul van, a ride back to the hotel from the uhaul center owner (who scolded me for trying to walk back to the show), and lots of bumps and bruises. All of this hard work totally paid off when the show management came to my booth to present me with the ‘Best of Show’ award for my booth design and the visual display of my products.  I was literally shocked!  It was my first show and I was really just winging it, so it was so nice to feel like I’d hit the nail on the head.

Have you ever done a show? Gone to a show?  Tell me about your experience!


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