Graphic Print Lacquered Trays

This past weekend I set out to make a fun graphic element for my home.  I have so many tea towels that I buy because I LOVE the pattern, but I don’t necessarily want to use them to wipe down pots and pans.

I got the idea to immortalize my favorite tea towels onto some plain wooden trays – resulting in a fun, graphic accessory for the home!


I love how the fabric grain is still visible, lending a slight amount of texture to the surface! If you saw my post last week regarding 5 ways to use trays, you probably have already caught on, that I LOVE trays.

I love them!  They are the perfect for so many things! (as shown above).

I promised myself early on in my blogging that I everything I created, I would make double.  So, true to my promise, I am placing the duplicate versions of these beautiful trays on ETSY! Fun for everyone!

Have a BOLD and FUN Wednesday!

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