Grown-up Easter Basket Brunch

Although I’ve already confessed my love for Easter candy (specifically the malted milk ball eggs), I think my life could go without the standard Easter basket this year, and instead a grown up version for me and the husband will be just perfect.

Neither of us need or eat a ton of candy, so spending a quiet and sweet spring morning together with this brunch in a basket would be a fabulous departure from a basket full of puffed sugar (I’m talking to you, Peeps).

I love the idea of putting together a basket full of fresh fruits, cheeses, baked goodness, and a little bubbly with some OJ for your spouse this year.  If you have adult children, they would probably love this indulgent treat as well!

Follow this quick list and you’ll be ready to go!

  1. Two Cheeses – one firm like cheddar and one soft like brie
  2. Two Fruits – one crisp like apple or pear, one soft and bite-sized like berries
  3. A type of Bread – scones, crackers, baguette would all be delicious
  4. Bubbly and Juice – I used Prosecco and blood orange italian soda
  5. Napkins, glassware, and a some fresh flowers – voila!

Such a sweet way to spend your afternoon – and without the typical sugar crash.

Have a SPLENDID Monday!

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