Guest Bedroom Three Year Refresh

guest bedroom design

This post is going to be such a blast from the past for some of you! It was three whole years ago that I laid out some design plans for my guest bedroom and it was three years ago that I touched one detail in that bedroom (aside from stuffing it with random craft supplies and castaway furniture). The room was also home to all of our linens, towels, and extra bathroom supplies. It was a hodgepodge mess and here is the proof… The Before Pictures (eek!)

I had a grand plan for cleaning out the room, but there were so many moving parts. To get the room cleaned out, I needed to clear out all of my work and craft supplies, but I needed to move them into the office. As many of you will recall, the office closet held my clothes. So, just this year after Matt and I created a master bedroom closet space, I was finally able to move my clothes out of the office and therefore move the supplies out of the guest room (were you able to keep all of that straight?)

Now, the room is cleared out and cleaned up which is a starting point for a bigger redesign which will come soon enough, but right now, I’m really enjoying what a huge difference the small changes made to the room all without spending one penny.  Before it was dark and was an odd combination of colors.  It had all of my old college furniture (and still does) but the reconfiguration makes it a much brighter and refreshing place for a guest to spend a weekend.

spare bedroom design

Keep Reading for tons more photos and renovation plans! 

guest bedroom redesign

styled desk - house of earnest guest bedroom refresh

light bright airy bedroom

I concentrated a lot of levels of blue, using things that I had on hand (no new purchases!) You can see the blue in the striped curtains (which were in my master), the super pale blue euro shams and foot-of-the-bed throw, and some of the accessories.  The colorful abstract art, which I made, above the bed incorporates some of the color from the upholstered stool – making it slightly less young.

A writing desk (which used to be in my old office) is a place for guests to plug in computers and phones.  A mirror above the desk also helps it to serve as a vanity area for makeup or hair.

black lacquer desk

bedside lamps

bedroom desk area

Do you spot the crazy colored armoire in the mirror here? It was in the old room too and I still want to re-do it… it’s just such a beast!  My goal is to have it done by the holidays.  I need to be able to open windows so I don’t get high on fumes from the paint stripper, but I can’t do it in the summer when it’s too hot to sit in a room stripping furniture. Ah, the joys of living without central AC.

bedroom art

I still have big plans for the room, don’t get me wrong, but I typically design by taking small steps to get a feel for how I like a space to be laid out prior to making big changes.  I did the same with my master bedroom, going from this to this to this to finally this

See what I mean by small steps?  Instead of being a weekend overhaul, here are the longer term plans:

  • Get new carpet (or maybe the wood floors will be in good enough condition to keep?!)
  • paint three walls and either wallpaper or stencil the fourth
  • repaint all wood trim surrounding doors and windows
  • get new closet doors that are not of the bi-fold variety
  • refinish armoire
  • a few new decor pieces (maybe a chair and a rug?)

I like the idea of keeping the room really bright, simple, and mostly neutral.  I’m actually planning to take inspiration from this ‘Friday Faves’ that I did a while back.  I might get brave in the space with some wallpaper, but want to do a little research first! Stay tuned for more thoughts and updates on the space…starting with a change to the mismatched bedside lamps on Wednesday!

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