Posted on by Erin | Earnest Home

I’m not quite sure that this would actually classify as a DIY considering there is one – maybe two steps.  I’m sure you can tell how easy it is, but it’s the idea that I really love.  A simple branch that I cut from my yard (what? don’t trees need pruning this time of year?) is spray painted a flat black and draped with web-like spanish moss.

You could do this with a really big branch for the center of your dining room table with pumpkins and candles interspersed, which would look amazing!  And is probably what I would have done had my log candelabra not looked just so at home there.

I cannot get enough of this idea just for the sheer simplicity. If you’re not a DIY person, you’ll have no trouble with this. Even if you are a DIY person, you’ll love that you can achieve such an impact with little time or effort.  And it still falls into my decor theme “classy, creepy, natural” !


Will you give it a try?  You have plenty of time to get it done and enjoy it this month!