Hand Lettered Thanks

hand written thank you - 3

Yesterday, I spend some spare time to practice a little hand lettering with my new calligraphy pen.  I bought some white ink and have been learning (slowly) how to make the strokes and letters.  It’s way more difficult that I’d initially anticipated. Partly because I already write in elaborate script for my regular hand and thought the strokes would be the same, which totally isn’t the case, and partly because I’m so new to the ink distribution and how to control it.

There is still a ton for me to learn and a LOT of practice in my future, but it was fun to try my hand (pun intended) at something new with the bonus of having some hand written cards to send to the friends to traveled near and far this weekend for party my husband threw for my 30th birthday.

hand written thank you - 4

hand written thank you - 2

Doesn’t receiving something hand made from a friend make it ten times better?

My calligraphy (if you can call it that) needs to improve vastly, but I’m excited to have had the chance to practice and all get some things checked off my to-do list in the process!

Have a BEAUTIFUL Monday out there – and try something new!

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