Hand Made: Fringy Festive String Lights

I love this little project for such a wonderful, seasonal time of year when being outdoors is almost mandatory.

These fringy, festive lights are so fun, and I just love the way the little pinata-esque fringes resemble fireworks.  They’re a good summer project, and I with a week until your fourth of July fete, you have plenty of time to make them.

String them up on your patio umbrella, outdoor buffet, porch, or just about anywhere.  I’ll tell you that the other evening I accidentally left them on, and when I arrived home from dinner after dark, I was so happy to see them glowing with fringe fluttering around.

Click through for complete instructions!

The materials are easy! Just paper cups, tissue paper, some glue and scissors are all you need to make the mini lanterns.  Of course, you need a string of lights to bring them to life.

First, fold your tissue length-wise until it’s about 4 inches wide.  Cut up into the tissue about 3/4″ to form little fringes.  Cut off that fringe just above the fringes, leaving enough uncut tissue for the glue. squeeze out a bead of glue along the bottom of your cup (I cut my cups to make them a bit smaller) and wrap around the first piece of tissue.  Repeat this, adding the next line of glue and tissue just above your previous.

When you’ve completed the entire cup, make a little ‘X’ hole with a knife into the base of the cup, and push a light through until secure.

Bling!  That’s the sound your lights make when you turn them on!

I hope you have fun with this – the beauty is that you can do any color for any occasion, I think some fun punchy colors would be just adorable to spice up an outdoor party.

Have a FUN Wednesday!



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