Hand Stitched Très Chic Message Gloves

hand stitched message gloves

This week has been full of my plans and quandaries surrounding our upcoming trip to Europe and I wanted to add just a little bit of Parisian-inspired flair to my wardrobe to stave off the aching excitement.  Now, I highly doubt that an actual Parisienne would ever wear something that said Très Chic (especially after reading How to be Parisian), but here in Ohio, it’s probably considered understated.



Regardless, I think they turned out Très cute and they only cost about $5. Here is how I made them. 


Très Chic Message Gloves


  • plain gloves (mine were on clearance from Target)
  • yarn




I started out by writing my words on the gloves with a marker which closely matched the glove color so it wouldn’t be so noticeable once complete.

Next, thread about 1 yard of yarn on the needle.  Take the threaded needle inside the glove and poke it through the start of your word.  Pull the yarn all of the way through, just leaving a small tail inside of the glove.  Then, make your first stitch along the marker guide, pulling the stitch flat.  Turn your glove inside out and knot then small tail.

DSC_8978_1 DSC_8979_1 DSC_8980_1

Now you’re ready to continue stitching!  You don’t have to go all of the way through the glove like you did in the very first stitch.  You can just take shallow ‘pick’ stitches along the entire word.

DSC_8981_1 DSC_8982_1 DSC_8983_1

End with the yarn inside of the glove and knot off the tail.  Trim any excess yarn left over after the knot.

DSC_8990 DSC_8992

They’re darling, no?  This would be such a perfect little gift for friends this Valentines day as well.  Maybe try stitching phrases like, “you’re loved” or “be mine”!

Enjoy this fun and easy little winter project!


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