Handmade Christmas: Leather Home Accessories

DIY gifts

It’s common to hear ‘handmade gifts’ and think about a wobbly knit scarf and ill fitting beanie.  I promise you, this three week series of handmade gifts will leave your recipients really happy to know you.  First up, we have a set of leather desk accessories – a gorgeous fringed keychain and leather catch-all.

Your friends and family with love what some metallic leather pieces do to their space and you’ll love giving something that you crafted by hand.

Handmade gifts - leather

leather DIY gifts fringe keychain

There are so many options based on what leather colors you use.  I bought lots of small pieces from a few different Etsy shops which were more than enough to do this project. It was pretty easy (about 30 minutes total) to get two really darling pieces that you loved ones will be so impressed by.  Keep reading for the full tutorial and templates.


  • 2 sq feet leather
  • 1/2″ rivets, 6 of them
  • keychain loop
  • craft knife
  • scissors

Leather catch-all workflow

For the catch-all, I used a small rectangle of leather, about 9 x 12″.  ONE pinch the corner to form edges that stay up vertically, forming the sides of the catch-all.  TWO mark the area where you pinched with your forefinger and thumb.  This is where your rivets will go.  You’ll have two marks THREE cut a small hole in each of these marks about 1/8″ long.  FOUR put a rivet through the two wholes, snap together, then tap together tightly with a rubber mallet.

Repeat these four steps on each corner of the catch-all.  You might want to do the rivet hammering on a cutting board to avoid denting your table.

DIY gifts leather homemade

Fringe Keychain Workflow

I created a template for this project that you can cut out and trace around to get the proper proportions for this project.

ONE Cut a small slit in the leather at the two places indicated on the left-hand side of the Keychain Template with an ‘X’.  TWO double over this portion of the leather and secure with a rivet.  Hammer the rivet with a rubber mallet to secure tightly.  THREE cut up into the main portion of the leather to form the fringe.  FOUR cut a small slit into the two places above the fringe.  FIVE stick the large side of the rivet up through the middle slit.  SIX roll the fringe around the looped end and secure the last slit onto the prong of the last rivet you put into the middle hole. This will take a little finagling to stretch the leather so that it fits.  Once you have the last hole slipped onto the rivet, stick on the small side of the rivet.  SEVEN hammer together to secure the rivet tightly.  EIGHT put a keychain ring onto the leather loop.


It’s almost too pretty to give away, but maybe you bought enough leather to make one for yourself too?  I sure hope so!


I’ll be back here next week and the week following with two more handmade gifts for the holiday!  You’re gonna love them!



p.s.  We have TWO giveaways going on!  Our J. R. Watkins giveaway ends tonight at midnight and we still have almost a full week on the Lowe’s chair giveaway!  Go enter!

p.p.s. Day three of the 24 Merry Days is here!  Head over to The House That Lars Built to enter!

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