Handmade Holiday: Monogram Copper Candle

embossed monogram candle diy

I hope you’re as excited as I am! Today is the first day in our ‘Handmade Holiday’ series!  We’ll have five gifts which you can make, but look good enough to pass off as store bought.

Monogrammed things are absolutely perfect for this time of the year.  When giving someone a gift, a monogram says, “I thought about YOU”.  It also says, “I didn’t get this out of my gift stash.”  Not that I have a gift stash….

handmade holiday copper candle

I mentioned it in my gift guide, but I get so crazy about why some candles are so expensive.  I would imagine that I has to do with the quality of the ingredients, but some $200 candles just don’t seem worth it to me.  I felt that wrapping a great smelling mall-brand candle in a beautifully shiny monogram would do the trick to make a ho-hum gift seem so chic.



Want the full how to?  It’s next! 



  • Art Emboss Copper Sheet (one sheet did three candles for me)
  • Glass Candle (I used one that was 3″ in diameter)
  • Blue Painters Tape
  • Pen
  • Printer
  • Paper
  • Doublestick Tape

monogram copper candle tutorial

ONE print your letter in a size about 2/3 the height of your candle (I used the ‘currency’ font) and make sure to flip the letter when printing so it comes out reversed as a mirror image. TWO cut out a piece of copper that is just as tall as your letter, but wide enough to wrap around the candle, then tape your letter to the copper. THREE a retractable pen without the point out to emboss all over the printed parts of the letter – not the white part. FOUR take your paper off the copper and go back over the emboss so that it’s more exact and heavier.  The part you’re digging into is actually the back of your letter.  Once you’ve embossed it to your liking, flip it over.  That is the face/front side of the letter.


FIVE wrap the copper (with face/front side out) around your candle and use double stick tape to secure.  SIX once the copper is around the candle, go just around the outline of the letter with your pen to make it stand out more.


It turns out so cute!  One tube of copper did three candles for me, so all-in-all the whole project cost under $12.  Pretty good for a personalized, handmade masterpiece!

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