Handmade Holiday: No Sew Leather Clutch

no sew clutch diy

We are really getting down to the wire here, but in my mind, this is the most fun time of the holiday season when creativity and resourcefulness take center stage when trying to really pinpoint the perfect gift for someone special.  My favorite part of the gift giving is really when someone opens a gift and they LOVE it. Isn’t that the best feeling?

This gift is designed for an easy, two material way to show someone that you love them enough to hand make them something.  This is a gift I’m planning on giving to my sister and I know she will not only love it, but be so proud that it was made for her.

envelope clutch diy

I love working with leather, which is a total throwback to my corporate days working with leather goods in the retail industry, but there is something deep inside of me that just loves the texture, the grain, and the smell of leather. I bought a few beautiful metallic skins from Florence, Italy a few years ago and I’ve been doing projects with them ever since (a full skin lasts me that long!).  You don’t have to be a leather buyer, though.  There are loads of wonderful resources that I use in the U.S. who offer fabulous quality skins for crafting.  Tandy Leather Factory is one of them and ACS on Etsy is another good one.  Although a good hide will cost between $50-100 they are fairly large and you can use them on lots of projects.

This clutch was a challenge to myself to make a beautiful no-sew style.  There is one piece of leather and some ribbon involved… that’s it!


Although it’s a super easy project, there are a fair amount of photos to follow (just so that you all can get the most detailed tutorial!) 


I used one piece of leather for this project.  It was an elongated rectangle with a pointed top.  You can see it here above with the bottom folded up.  We made slits 1/2 inch from the edge of the leather at 1/2 inch apart.  I then bought a 3/4″ wide satin ribbon to stitch the entire thing together.


When cutting the slits in the leather, I just used a simple craft knife.  To thread the ribbon through the holes, I put a safety pin into the end of the ribbon so that it wove in and out of the leather smoothly.



ONE after you cut leather to shape and cut the 1/2″ slits as in the first photo.  Then, unroll two yards of ribbon and tie two knots, one over top of the other, at the end of the ribbon.  On the end opposite of the knot, put a safety pin into the end of the ribbon.  String the ribbon all of the way through a hole that is on the bottom corner of your clutch. TWO Fold up the clutch as in the first photo and wrap the ribbon around the outside of the side seam and back around to the front, stringing the ribbon through the next hole up.



THREE continue to wind the ribbon through the holes around the edge of the clutch.  Wind the ribbon through the holes around the fold of the clutch and down the opposite side.  FOUR (below) when you’ve gone up and around the entire clutch, you’ll end at the opposite corner from where you started.  Turn the clutch inside out, then knot the ribbon to hold into place. Then, turn the clutch back right side out!


diy leather clutch

I think the beauty of the leather definitely impacts the outcome on this project as well.

If you’d like to do this as a Christmas gift and don’t have time to order a leather skin, go ahead and use some faux leather from the fabric store.  It would work fabulously!

It’s a fairly easy process, but the outcome is definitely impressive.  Do you think one of your friends would love receiving this from you?


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