Handmade Holiday: The Blanket Cape

blanket cape diy

We’re back again with another fabulous idea for a handmade gift.  Like I’ve said, my family has a $25 cap on gifts between my sisters and brothers, so I really have to get creative sometimes! This project is one of my all-time favorites.  I bought myself a blanket cape at a cool boutique a few weeks ago and when I got it home and wore it, I kind of just discovered it was a blanket with a notch cut out of it.  I was torn between feeling silly for spending big bucks on it and feeling delighted that it’s something I could easily make – and share with you!

The blanket cape trend has been around for a few years now, but it’s really starting to mainstream recently and this DIY makes it easy to make and easier to wear (as opposed to the straight-up rectangular versions).

diy blanket cardigan blanket kimono diy

I’ve worn mine belted, hanging open, or draped across one shoulder.  Its a versatile addition to anyones wardrobe and makes leggings and a t-shirt look pretty chic.

The best part of the whole project is the price!  A $19 blanket from Home Goods and a little thread was all it took.  Best yet, it’s super easy and takes a total of 20 minutes to make.  Who on your list could you see wearing this beauty?

turn a blanket into a kimono wrap

This project does require some sewing, but if I can do it, you can do it too… my sewing is an absolute atrocity.  So, if you have $20 and 20 minutes to spare for someone you love? 

When you’re searching for a blanket to use, choose something that is a kind of thin and lightweight.  Woven blankets are preferred as knits can fall apart super easy as soon as they’re cut. Something that is boiled wool like I used is the best.  Boiled wool (or acrylic) the fibers are all ‘tangled’ up which means that the cut edges don’t frey too much.  Anything that is fuzzy should work well.

blanket kimono tutorial

ONE put a pin right in the middle of your blanket.  I folded mine to get an eyeball for the center.  TWO cut a really narrow (2″ wide) ‘U’ shape with the top of your upside-down ‘U’ ending at the pinned middle point.  THREE cut 5-6 little snips about 3/4″ long into the ‘U’ curve.

blanket kimono tutorial 2

FOUR fold & pin the little flaps around the curve, then pin about 1/2 hem along the straight cuts down to the fringed edge. FIVE sew around the entire ‘U’ shaped hem, removing your pins as you go. SIX after the flaps in the ‘U’ part are stitched down, go back and cut off any excess.

blanket wrap tutorial plaid blanket wrap diy

I’m obsessed with my cozy and chic new cape… I mean… the cape that I’ll be gifting to someone! haha.

Who on your list would love to open this up on Christmas or Hanukkah (which I’m very happy coincide this year)?

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