Handmade Magnolia Garland

handmade holiday garland

Maybe it was my time in the south, or maybe it’s the fabulous smell, but I am obsessed with adding magnolia into my holiday decor.  This year, I found some magnolia branches at a local floral shop, so I wanted to make a garland for our mantle out of it.  Garland is one of those things that people don’t often make themselves, but it’s deceptively easy, so I’m gonna show you how it’s done.

homemade evergreen garland diy magnolia garland

You can also do the same steps using pine or any other greenery.  This is the same exact process I used when making the eucalyptus garland as well.  When it comes to buying greenery (or any flower for that matter) I always just pop into a floral shop that is near me and ask if I can buy from their coolers.  I figure, a sale is a sale and if they don’t have to do the arranging, then most florists are totally cool selling you bulk bunches. All this tutorial takes (aside from the branches) is wire and wire clippers!  

magnolia garland tutorial 1


  • Branches of your favorite greenery about 12-16″ long
  • Wire Clippers
  • Floral Wire (I get mine at Michaels in the faux flower area)


magnolia garland tutorial 3 magnolia garland tutorial 4

…and then you just keep doing that until the garland is as long as you’d like it.  For my garland shown on the mantle, I used 15 twigs.  If your branches are bushy and have ‘arms’, clips the arms off and use them as independent twigs.

magnolia garland tutorial DSC_8148 DSC_8153

I’m very happy with how it turned out.  I’ve been moving the garland all over the house to different areas, so clearly I just need to make myself another one or two.  I think one down the center of the table would be so lovely with loads of votives!

Have you every made garland?  Do you think you’ll give it a try now?

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