Handwoven Outdoor Lanterns

handwoven outdoor lantern diy

Adding ambient lighting to the outdoors has always been a bit difficult for me.  Without running cords into the yard, we need candle light, but multiples of outdoor lanterns can get real pricey and require a trip to the store.  Most of the DIYs I do at home come about because I can’t be bothered to search around for what I want.  When I’m at the crossroads between laziness and frugality, I make things. These lanterns are just one such thing. I have bundles and bundles of twine sitting around, and loads of candles, so why not mix the two into a festive outdoor lantern?

handmade outdoor lantern

It took me about 20 minutes to make all three of these and now I have a bit of candlelight that illuminates the pathway to the backyard. You can see how simple this project is… it really only uses two supplies and a few knots.  Let’s show you how it’s made, shall we? 

Woven Lantern Tutorial 1

ONE using a little hair elastic, loop and knot a yard of twine, folded in half. TWO repeat three more times on all sides of the elastic. THREE slip the elastic over the neck of a heavy bottle and gather two pieces of twine from adjacent knots.

Woven Lantern Tutorial 2

FOUR knot the two adjacent pieces together at about 2″ from the top of the elastic. FIVE gather the next two adjacent strands and knot them together at 2″ as well.  Repeat this around the bottle to all of the twine. SIX work around the bottle a second and third time, gathering strands from two adjacent knots and knotting them together.

woven lantern diy woven lantern how-to woven nautical lantern

Finished, the lanterns can be hung from shepards hooks, ‘S’ hooks, or anywhere you’d like.  I love how versatile these guys are and how many ways they can be used to spruce up the backyard!

I used a colorful drinking glass, but you could really use anything! What would you nestle inside?


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