Happy Monday + Strange Happenings

street walking copy

So, this is me, walking down the sidewalk in Las Vegas, holding a basket. I told you guys last week, that I had a bit of a video I had to shoot while here (to be posted next week) and this was me, mid-shoot.

As a blogger, there are certain things in my life that seem so normal ,that anyone else would view as totally strange.  This was an occasion where I, too, joined in the strange.

As I was planning for the shoot and what tools I would need, I opted out of bringing my tripod because I had hoped Matt would be available to help me.  He was working hard, however, so I resorted to doing it myself.  I always carry around these gear ties with me so that I can fashion a tripod or something similar for my phone when I’m taking selfies. I used the tie to fasten my phone to a tree on the other side of this street, capturing the perfect little tree lined view.  All I needed was a shot of me walking across the frame with a basket (this will make more sense when you guys see the full video next week).  So, I got my phone secure in the tree, I walked across the street, grabbed my basket, and got on with the shoot. I walked back and forth across the frame, trying to ensure that I got a good shot.

When I was through with my video, I grabbed my phone from out of the tree and started back to the hotel when a man popped out of those bushes behind the bench and demanded to know what I was doing walking back and forth with a basket on the sidewalk videotaping myself with my phone hanging in a tree.  He was a twenty-something who was high as a kite and so freaked out about my antics.

After getting of the initial shock of seeing a red-eyed kid jump out of the bushes, it was really the first time in a long time that I realized how ridiculous some of the things I do for my job are, and how hard it was to describe to someone what I do and why in the world I do half of the things that I do.

Regardless of the crazy, I love my job and the fact that every now and then I get to explain it to a high guy in the buses, that makes it even better.

Here’s to a happy and fulfilling week, guys!  Go get ’em!

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