Have & Make: Fabric Coated Clean

When it comes to spring cleaning (anyone still have that on their to-do list?), wooden corn brush brooms are my favorite.  Partly because they work the best, and partly because the design is classic.  I covered my handle, however in a pretty floral fabric to give this old staple a little more pep.

I love using decoupage with fabric because although it absorbs the glue, it dries clear and you can still see the pattern of the weave. For this project, use any thinner patterned fabric (I used an old sheet from the thrift store) and cut a strip wide enough to cover the handle. Spray the entire length of the handle with spray adhesive, then wrap the fabric tightly around the wood.  Make sure to work from one end and overlap the fabric in the same direction the entire way down.

Once the fabric is secured, go to town with your decoupage.  I mean, really… go to town.  Use a ton.  Really saturate the fabric with it and brush until you have a smooth surface.  Let the broom dry for about 24 hours, then spray with a high gloss clear coat spray paint for a hard-to-the-touch finish. If you don’t think the clear coat is thick enough, just repeat the decoupage step (allowing for it to dry completely in between coats) before spraying with the clear coat.

There… Sweet Sweeping!

Have a PRETTY Wednesday!


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