Have & Make: Gilded Water Bottle Centerpiece

Repetition and shine are two things that always makes an impact.  Simple plastic water bottles de-labeled, cleaned, and painted with gold make a stunning centerpiece.  Painting the bottom gold actually has a purpose too.  The paint works to hide the tell-tale water bottle shape of the bottom.  Doing them in multiples takes the focus off of the detail (that it’s a water bottle) and puts emphasis on the whole picture.

You know I’ll dip, paint, or gild pretty much anything so my eyes turned to my recycling bin last weekend.  Create a cheap, easy, and plentiful arrangement for dinner, or scatter around the house in threes.  This project sure has a lot of bang for your buck.

*quick House of Earnest tip: for cleaning the label glue off the bottles, use Goo Gone or an other citrus oil cleaner and then run through the dishwasher on the top rack.  And, If you use cold water instead of warm like I did, your vases shouldn’t steam

 Have a PLENTIFUL Thursday!

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