Hexagon Marble Wall Clock DIY


Marble clocks have been cruising around the web for the better part of this year, and I’ve had it on my list of things to make for a long while now.  With the kitchen improvements we’re making, I thought it would be a perfect time to make this marble beauty in preparation for the new kitchen (I’m painting this weekend! Woo!).

The one problem I’ve had with a lot of the marble clocks out there is that they’re circles and I am not talented enough to tell time on a blank circle.  Call me crazy, but I would be thinking, “Wait, is it 4, or 5?”

So, for this quick and inexpensive project, I wanted to do a hexagon so that it would be much more apparent what hour of the day it was.  I mean, I have to know when it’s time for a cocktail and when it’s time for work.  The beauty of this project isn’t just the beauty of the project.  It’s also that it cost under $15. Let’s get started!




  • Craft knife (or box cutter)



Draw a 12″ hexagon out onto your foam core.  Use this template for 1/2 of the hexagon, then flip around and trace the mirror image. CUT a hexagon shape out of your foam core board using a craft knife of a box cutter.  Scissors don’t work wonderfully for this, they crush the foam instead of slicing it.

Once your foam hexagon is cut out, Cut a piece of marble shelf liner that is at least 18″ square.  PEEL the backing off your marble paper and apply the paper to your foam core with overhang on all sides.



Once your marble paper is smoothly fixed to your foam core, CUT notches into each corner of the hexagon as shown, then WRAP the paper snugly around the foam core and set aside.



Now, you’re going to make non-ugly hands for the clock.  If you have some foresight and want to just buy non-ugly hands to begin with, you can do that.  Here are a bunch.  I didn’t want to wait on an internet order and I used what the craft store had… Regardless, if you’re jazzing up craft store hands, go ahead and CUT two thin strips of gold paper about 1/4 wide.  You’ll want one strip to be 2″ long and the other to be 4″ long.

Then, SNIP the decorative part of the hands off. Make sure to leave enough of a little stump for you to glue on the paper hands you’ve just cut out.


Go ahead and GLUE the metal clock hand stumps to the back of the paper strips.



Then, move back to your marble hexagon.  MARK the very center back of the foam core and cut a small hole for the movement.  Then INSERT the movement and ASSEMBLE the hands as indicated on the packaging.




And there you have it!  A marble wall clock diy that definitely makes a statement!  I’ve been sneaking glances at it all day long and am pretty impressed by how good it looks even though it’s just make of some paper and plastic.  It looks way more impressive all done and hung on the wall than even I was expecting.

Now, I’m off to see what else I can accost with some marble shelf liner!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, Friend!

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