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Hello Everyone!  Beginning today, house of earnest* will have previous guest blogger, Lacey Anne to write a regular contributing post dedicated to her amazing hidden treasures which she finds and refurbishes.  I am so excited to have her sharing her finds with us on a regular basis, and I hope you’re pumped up for it too!  Stop by the first Wednesday of each month to hear about her newest hidden treasure and what went into making it beautiful!  – erin

One of my most recent Craigslist finds is such a treasure.  I can hardly still believe it.  On a Friday afternoon a few weeks ago, I came across a post titled “chairs $25.”  I have an unhealthy obsession with chairs.  I would fill my house with them if my husband wouldn’t kill me, but now I am allowed some discretion because we are still furnishing our home.  So, I clicked.  And behold:

The fact that these Chippendales were selling for $25 made me crazed.  I called the seller immediately to schedule the pick-up, at whatever time worked for her.  I was ready to leave work immediately if necessary.  I successfully sealed the deal, picked them up at 8:30 the next morning, and gave them a face lift that same day since I was so beside myself at my good fortune.


Steal, I tell you, they were a steal.  Knowing was pricing for similar chairs can be, I am one happy girl.  And I love my man Craig, once again.  He always comes through.  You won’t believe the treasure I’ll share next month.  I might have magical powers.

Any amazing Craigslist finds out there to rival this one!?

Have a wonderful day!