Hidden Treasures: Favorite Etsy Shops

For this month’s post, I thought I would change up my usual “hidden treasures” find, to share with you guys my most favorite Etsy shops!

Etsy is where I usually begin searches for inspiration, customization, and one-of-a-kind pieces that I know won’t be easily duplicated or overly used.  I have become a regular stalker of several shops… and may or may not be guilty of impulsively buying pieces the day they are posted so that I won’t miss out….

1. High Street Market

This is my favorite shop for beautiful vintage finds.  Since my husband and I are expecting a baby girl in February, my mind has of course turned to nursery planning!  However, I gave in and ordered a few things before we knew what we were having, and now have some really unique pieces to incorporate into a boy’s room someday!  Here are some of my most prized purchases…

 Vintage deer antlers mounted on a solid wood plaque

Vintage pen and ink illustration drawing framed, black and white

Pair of vintage black horse head bookends, Hollywood Regency

2. Woodyliana

Oh Schumacher.  This is the shop where I was serendipitously introduced to Schumacher fabrics, and I am smitten, to say the least.  Not only are all of Woodyliana’s fabric choices unbelievably chic and timeless, but her craftsmanship is superb, and by that I mean perfect.  So far, my Hot House Flowers pillows have been my only indulgence… but I am eyeing these other patterns for my library… baby girl’s room… guest room… I sometimes get carried away.

 Custom order for  LACEY - 3 Doublesided Hot House Flowers in Spark 22 sq

Romo Verbena in Dijon - 20x20

Pair of GP J Baker Nympheus pillows in Biscuit/Taupe 20 sq.

3. Bibitty

Hands down the most sophisticated baby décor I have found to date.  Since I am personally opposed to themed nurseries and matchy-matchy coordinating everything, I am pulling much of my inspiration from this gorgeous, limited edition Italian Alphabet print.  It will be phenomenal once it is framed and hanging.  The colors are divine, the feeling is so me.

 Limited Edition 11x 14 Bibitty Italian Alphabet Poster adds Old World Style with a Chic Twist

4. Janet Hill Studio

I am really just beginning my understanding of how I appreciate art, and while these might seem simple, I adore the color choices and bright feeling in her pieces.  This one I ordered for my sister-in-law for her birthday, because she is so shoes.

 Dancers- Open Edition Print

And this one is titled, The English Major, and it is most definitely on my wish list!

The English Major- Open Edition Print

5. Aisyah Ang

While still sitting on my favorites list, Aisyah’s work just speaks volumes to me and I cannot wait to own one of her amazing pieces.  These are just a couple of my favorites…

 Original Painting Large Abstract Mixed Media Art by Aisyah Ang 36x36x1.5 inches with Cert

Original Painting Abstract Mixed Media Art by Aisyah Ang with Cert 20x20 inches

I hope you find something special that makes you smile from one of these sellers, because I cannot say enough about the Etsy community and how endless your options are when it comes to picking up the perfect hidden treasure!


Happy Month of Erin!

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