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Last month I met a couple who had an interesting quirk in that they didn’t have designated sides of the bed.  Whoever went to sleep first, took whichever side and the partner who followed would take the other side. If they went to sleep at the same time, it was just kind of decided on the spot. I asked the couple if they had a side they preferred and they didn’t really seem to.  I asked if they always took the same side upon getting in bed first (like he who gets the window side first wins).  They didn’t.

I found this so interesting because we are such creatures of habit and I (for one) like to have something be mine.  Matt and I even have designated spots where we sit in the living room.  I’m always on the couch, and him on the leather chair (now, part of our situation is the layout of our living room.  You cannot adequately see the TV from one side of the couch, making it really a spot for just one). But the main thing here is that the idea of not having my side of the bed seemed so odd to me.

I am not quite sure why I find it so hard to comprehend, but I just do.  What’s mine is mine and what’s his is his, right?

Which got me thinking about marriage in general.  We share everything else, so why not our sides of the bed.  Is it really just habit?  Or is it a need to have some ownership in an otherwise all-sharing situation?  I thought maybe it was just preference.  Maybe I just liked sleeping on the right side, but that isn’t true when I travel, so it’s not preference.  Am I really just that possessive?

What do you guys think? Do you have things that are specifically designated?  Or do you, like the above mentioned couple, see no division?

I’m curious to know, so leave a comment below!


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