Holiday vs. Everyday

holiday - everday - easter


I can never bring myself to buy something that doesn’t have more than one use.  I’m not sure if it’s a space thing (old homes have no storage) or just an efficiency thing.  Some of my best ideas have come from brainstorming more ways to use something than the intended, or obvious way, and it’s the same when it comes to holiday decor.

I loved these tiny birds nests which were styled up on an Easter table setting at one of my local shops.  I am not a huge fan of decorating for Easter, so I initially wrote them off, but then as I strolled through the store, I got to thinking about other ways to use the little guys.  I took them home and immediately thought that it was a really pretty and spring-esque object to put under my (usually empty) cloches.

How would you style them for Easter or for everyday?


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