Home Office for Two Refresh – The Reveal!

Earnest Home-Hayneedle09

The big day is finally here!  I get to reveal the space that has me so inspired and I cannot wait to share with you my thoughts and processes to how it ended up the way it did.  I’d like to take a quick moment to thank hayneedle.com for working with me through the whole process, suggesting pieces that went with my inspiration images, and helping to find a desk that was just the right size.  What I had initially wanted they gently veered me in another direction and I’m so thankful they did. Before we get started, let’s take a peek at what the office looked like before.  There is a similar concept going on, but the desk is smaller, coming out of a different wall, and the adjacent walls didn’t have much going for them in terms of storage or workspace.

before office

My biggest issue overall with the was the space used to be, was that I didn’t have enough room to spread out, get messy, and create. We had a fine table for business, but soon after this photo, I got a large monitor and started docking my laptop which took up more space, plus, that little end of the table wasn’t going to work well for photoshoots, messy projects, or creating prototypes for my shop designs. I had my sewing machine, surging machine, and cricut all in a closet and rarely used them because they were a pain to drag out.  Then when I did drag them out, I had to drag them downstairs to the dining room where I had more space (and outlets).

Today, it’s a totally different story, and I am so so happy you’re here to hear it. 

Earnest Home-Hayneedle11

You might recall from my inspiration post, that my biggest goal was to get more workspace.  Both at the main desk and at a separate workstation which would be for me when I’m sewing, or for an assistant. First up, was a new desk for Me and Matty.  The old navy blue table was nice, but at $49 it was cheap and the finish was chipping off after just a year.  I wasn’t as concerned about the finish as I was the sheer fact that the width was a little to narrow and both Matt and I had to sit REAL close to our screens, scrunching up our elbows to type.  Not sustainable. I knew I still wanted a large table (the Alpine Aspen Extension Table) instead of two smaller desks, so the Hayneedle folks helped me to find one that larger in width by just five inches, but that made a world of a difference.  Plus, since it’s actually a dining room table, it has a leaf.  AND not the kind of leaf that you have to store under your guest bed in the off-time, this leaf lives in the table and pops right out of the middle whenever we need it.  Perfect.

For the second workstation, I wanted it to have lots of storage and utilize my existing file cabinet.  I thought it would work brilliantly to use two Hudson 4 cube shelves (stacked one in front of the other) and then bridge the gap with a piece of wood from the home improvement store.  The wood came at that exact dimension and is 24″ deep x 96″ wide. It left just enough space for a desk chair.  In the cubbies, I actually now have my sewing machines and cricuts! They’re not in this photo, however, because I was still playing with how to best use the space. Also, do you see that little surge protector sticking out on the right? I just plugged it in behind the file cabinet and velcro’ed it to the side of the desk so that it would be easy for me to plug in the sewing machine as needed.  I’ve actually already sewn three times since the office has been done. Additionally, my upholstered cork board is over that space as well.

Earnest Home-Hayneedle20

Earnest Home-Hayneedle02

Two matching desk lamps bring some of the black accents into the rest of the room and matching ghost chairs complement the heavy table well and don’t add too much visual clutter to the room. The curved backs and arms make them good desk chairs.

Earnest Home-Hayneedle05

Earnest Home-Hayneedle04

Earnest Home-Hayneedle18

Earnest Home-Hayneedle10

Earnest Home-Hayneedle13

I also swapped out my orb light!  I know I already told you guys that I would, but it was a little sad to taking that thing down!  Don’t worry, thought, I’ve got the perfect place for it.  I am so happy with the very low profile linen drum fixture that is now in the room.  It’s 10x brighter and hangs close to the ceiling, which was my main goal.  Oh, and take another peek at those newly planked ceilings!

Earnest Home-Hayneedle19

Lastly, some accessories to hold my hoards of things.  Baskets hold everything from yarn to fabric rolls and they add texture to the room.  A nice high gloss black file cabinet actually holds all of Matt’s things (because the white one is totally full of my crap).

how to upholster a corkboard

Earnest Home-Hayneedle21

Whew!  That was a lot! The entire color scheme and mixture of textures is what I love the most.  It’s shocking how much I love this space and love being in it all day long.  I used to retreat to the dining room every day, but now, I never want to leave (literally, after work is over I’ve been watching shows and drinking wine at the computer).

So tell me, from the inspiration to the real thing, did it turn out like you’d hoped?

Good news for you as well – I worked with Hayneedle on this re-design, and I’ve not only posted about this on their blog as well, but I’ve also curated a collection that gives links to lots of the cool stuff in this room.  So many of my things in this space are things that I’ve collected over a period of time, but since Hayneedle has a pretty expansive selection of goodies, we were able to curate a collection which matches some of my belongings to pieces they carry. I know I mentioned it in the beginning, but I want to thank Hayneedle for providing not only a few of the products, but also design support.  If you’re in the market for an office upgrade, their home office event is going on now, so go take advantage!



Disclaimer:  This post is sponsored by Hayneedle.  All opinions, DIY work, design, and photography are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.

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