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This post should be more appropriately named “while the cat’s away, the mice will play”.  Do you know that most of my big design changes in the house go down in late January?  That is mostly because Matt is out on his yearly ski trip with the guys and some of my more radical ideas can take place without judgement.  Matt doesn’t really care to much about what we do from a design perspective, but his logical side sometimes derails my desire to make a quick change.  This weekend, I’ve got a BIG change in the plans to create a more efficient home studio space.

The original space we had as our first home office was created the weekend I started this blog in January of 2011.  This was a breakthrough for us because we had a roommate up until that time and when he moved out, it was like we had all the space in the world!  Quickly after getting over the initial shock of having some space to work, I painted and restyled the office to suite my esthetic a little more.  I loved that office.  That space was where my blog took shape and I spent the wee hours of the morning writing posts before going into my corporate job.  In 2013 after launching my product line with Matt, I redesigned my office space to suit two people.  Now, two years later, I’m still totally monopolizing the dining room with my projects and am going to try to add some more workspace into our current office to cut down on the whole house take-over of my work.  My housekeeper the other day said that only twice has she ever seen my dining room table totally clear. Yikes.

Aside from my desire to relocate my mess from the dining room to the office, we’ve been exploring hiring someone (!!) and need to have additional workspaces. All of this together means we need a slight update.  And since the words ‘slight update’ in my book mean ‘opportunity to do something new’, that is what I’m doing… while Matt’s out of town.


office inspiration

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The very first photo is my total inspiration… wood tabletop, clear chairs, inspiration on the walls, and it all looks so clean.  Why do I feel like when I have stuff on my walls it feels cluttered?  I’m giog to try and branch out this time.  I love that the second photo has a large table in the center, but individual work stations along the edges of the room.  That room is a lot bigger than mine, but I’ll try to emulate some of the details.  What I love about each one of these workspaces is the long desk which fits multiple people. Behind my current desk, I plan on building a longer workspace, which will hopefully open up the large table for physically working on projects and prototypes.  Above the long workspace will go my inspiration board where I keep my current and next season design inspiration.  I plan to easily build the long desk by using a set of short shelves, then laying a long board overtop.  I’m keeping my cowhide rug (because I love it) but will be getting rid of the infamous orb light.  That light is literally what put my blog on the map, so I’m thankful for it, but I think it could go elsewhere in the house.  We’ll see.

I’ll finally return my dining room chairs to the actual dining room and get some office chairs.  It’s only been two years of me returning the chairs to their rightful spot each time we have dinner.  Lastly, I’ll get a few new desk lamps, some new accessories to try and hold my overflowing mess, and see where that lands me.  There has been a slow train of goodies arriving from hayneedle.com which I’ve been ordering for the space and hoarding in my guest room until Matt’s trip.

I can’t wait to start getting my hands dirty this weekend!  Follow along on Instagram and I’ll show some of the progress and behind the scenes work!

I cannot WAIT to show you guys the reveal within the coming weeks!



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