Homemade Woodland Wreath

Last year during Christmas, I put this ‘Peace’ decal on a large mirror in my living room and after the holidays I just never took it off.  I liked the everyday reminder to channel peace into my crazy life.

This year, in keeping with the woodland theme, I thought a pretty wreath would draw attention to the word that was too thought-provoking to remove a year ago.

I had some artificial willow branches and a swag of greenery from my local trader joes which would do the trick.

I made a circle out of the bendy willow branches and secured with floral wire.  One by one, I added cedar pieces to the circular form.  I chose cedar because it is a little drapey and organic in form, which both keeps the wreath from being too traditional and works better with the woodland theme.

I love it.  In fact, several times during the night I just looked at it and thought, “I really like that”. 

Do you do that?  Make something and then when it turns out just like you hoped, you’re smitten?


Have a LOVELY Monday!

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