House Tour 2017: The Bar Room

I hope you caught last night’s instagram story with my personal video tour of our bar room!  You can still catch it for a few hours today – but also make sure to catch us next week as well! We’ll continue the house tour by showing a room at a time on Instagram stories on Sunday nights, then following up with a post on Monday. So- on to the bar room!

Only in a centuries-old house can you call this a room.  It’s really generously sized hallway.  In a house with a lot of tiny rooms and very minimal storage, however, we find places in every nook to create space.  There was just enough give in this area to house a bar, so we snugged a cabinet up against a wall and created a wall shelf out of some simple trim to create a little spot for glassware.

We didn’t show the DIY for the little wall shelf because that 2×4 attached to the wall has been there since at least the 50’s.  We just added on the upper trim and a tiny trim piece to the bottom to make it seem more integrated into the wall.

One of the big DIY’s in this space is the wall design.  I saw the wallpaper featured here and wanted it really badly, but at $40/roll, I couldn’t justify it. Instead, I painted a look-alike pattern in this DIY.  Total honesty, I opened that post by telling everyone that under no circumstances should they do the project… It was horribly tedious and didn’t turn out as good as I’d hoped.  Nonetheless, 4 years later, it remains.  I’d still love to wallpaper that space with something totally amazing, but I have higher priorities on my list.  Like laying in a horizontal position and drinking wine while watching Veep (If you don’t watch Veep, you should).

Shop the Bar Room

Bar Cabinet | Lamp | Decanter | Cabinet Pulls | Wallpaper

All said, this room gets a lot of use.  We put all of our wine here, store our glassware here, and walk through this room to get from the front door to the kitchen.  For being tiny and insignificant, it gets a lot of use.

I think I underestimate the breathing room that a tiny little bar space adds to the kitchen. Our kitchen is really boxed in, so having the extra area to spread out and keep some drinks makes everything a little more tolerable.

This is a silly, tiny room that we realize is a big part of our lives.  Do you have a space like that?

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