House Tour 2017: The Entryway

Happy Monday morning! If you follow on Instagram, you will have seen the IG story that I posted yesterday (in fact, you may be able to catch it if you hop over to IG! – @earnesthomeco_).  The videos showed the very first room in our 2017 house tour!

I realized a couple of things this weekend. One, that there were rooms in my house that I haven’t shown an update on in years.  And two, that some of these rooms were so styled when I first blogged about them, that they may not have been shown in their everyday state.  Do I normally have a fresh basket of white towels gingerly stacked in my laundry room?  No.  Do I typically have my dining room table set with my crystal?  Nope.

I decided to walk you through my house, one room at a time, to show you how we live daily in the house I’ve blogged about so much.  I’ll be showing rooms exactly as they are daily in our house.  The only intervention will be to clean. Like, a normal clean.  Not a ‘clear every surface like it’s being photographed for a magazine’ clean.

That being said, here is my entryway.  A few caveats about my entryway:  the only person who sees it is the pizza guy or the fedex guy… our friends use the back door. Also, it takes up a lot of unused square footage. I think about how if this square footage would be put toward my kitchen, I’d be a happier girl. But, let’s move on.

Years ago, I shared this update of my entryway.  You can see that it hasn’t changed much! The gallery wall has been updated a little bit and the table that used to be in the center of the room has been moved to the side.  The marble topped table I just moved last week because Maeve started pulling herself up on things and my marble top wasn’t secured to the table (just set on top).  It was so top heavy that it needed to be moved while she was in a phase of pulling on furniture.

Other than that, this room is fairly the same!  I still LOVE the color and love the mix of black and white and blue.

Of the furniture I have in this room, I DIY’d the gold chippendale chair and the gold hooks and cowhide stools are both my own designs.  I’ve put together a group of the items that are either currently in this space, or a similar version.

My marble topped table, for instance, was a flea market find, so I will give you a similar option.  My gold chippendale chair was a side-of-the-road collection with a paint job and DIY fabric (that’s right, I made the pom fabric).  Or, my chandelier isn’t available any longer, so I’ll give you the style I’d choose now, if I had to do it again!

Chandelier  |  Wall Paint |  Gallery Frames  |  Gold Chair  |  Gold Wall Hooks  |  Marble Table  |  Arched Mirror  |  Rug  |  Cowhide Stool


I’ll be showing the next room first on IG Stories next Sunday, and will follow up with a post next Monday.  I hope you’re ready for the tour!


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