House Tour 2017: The Kitchen

I am going to cheat a little bit here.  I didn’t take updated pictures of my kitchen because – aside from the highchair – it is identical to these photos.  Right down to the baskets and tea kettle on the island, it’s 100% the same.

I got to feeling like it was a bit boring that there hadn’t been an update in the two and a half years since I shot these photos, but then I realized how great it is that the room works so well for us that it didn’t have to change.  And the style is still on-point to where I still walk through this room and feel instantly calm and at ease (when it’s clean!).

I realized that was how a well designed room should be.  The style should last a long time and it should be functional with daily life.

Staredown Art | Brass Drawer Pulls |  Brass Bin Pulls | Subway Tile | Shelf Kit | Kitchen Island | Faux Succulent | Flatweave Towel | Rug | Paint in Sheepswool

There are a few DIYs in this room that I really love.  First, the marble island top. The faux marble DIY is a painted finish that cost me under $30 – solely because I had the paint and MDX on hand from other projects, but even paying for all of this, it will still cost less than $50. It was an incredibly fulfilling project that turned out better than I ever expected it would. Two years later, it still looks awesome.  I get so many emails about this DIY asking how well it’s held up and I am thrilled to report that it still looks amazing.

The other big project we did in this space was an upward extension of the existing cabinets.  We built them up into the empty space that is typically above cabinets.  Matt built the frames and the doors himself.  It was pretty impressive.

Lastly, the open shelving.  We installed three shelves which houses some of my dinnerware, pantry items, and decor.  I still walk through this room and gaze at these shelves with affection.

Thanks for joining me on this stop in our 2017 house tour! If you want to see the previous rooms on the tour, see the entryway here and the bar room here.

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