House Tour: Bathroom

It’s time to broach the upstairs.  After the crazy layout and half staircase post, I’m here with a legit room.  A super tiny room, but legit nonetheless.

This is our bathroom.  It is not only small, but it is the only one in the house (what?!).  When you live in a house older than the state of Oklahoma, this is what you get.

Working with a super small space takes a bit of finesse, but I feel that style belongs everywhere.  Before I moved in with my lady influence, the men had one of those little butler men statues to hold the toilet paper and that was the extent of the decor.  I promptly removed the t.p. butler to add in a wall mounted holder, a small shelf, and some hooks to create a little designed space in the smallest room ever.  It’s not a lot, but it’s functional and pretty.

How do you design your loo?  Any special details or tricks that you’d like to share?

p.s. I like to ask questions at the end of my posts to encourage comments and conversation, but I don’t know how many people will  be up for chatting about their bathrooms? So…How was everyone’s weekend?  Anything special go down? Any fun projects on the horizon? I did some baking and bought some amazing fabric for my Halloween costume!  Knowing what the theme of the party is, who might you guess I’m dressing as for the event?

Have a SUPER Monday!

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