House Tour: Downstairs Recap + Our Double Staircase

We’ve shown the entire downstairs in our house tour (SEE IT ALL HERE) and, no doubt, you’re confused about the layout.  I’m a really visual person, so when I see other house tours, I’m really going through the whole thing in my head trying to figure out the floor plan.  Things get a little tricky around the stairways because of how they join, and the fact that they’re really a series of three half-staircases.

The first staircase originates in the entryway and ends at a stunningly large bay window which overlooks the driveway. The second stairway originates in the kitchen and converges at this point.

 There is then another half staircase which originates at the window landing and ends up in the bedroom area.  The bar passes under this staircase. There are a couple crazy cubbies in the stairwells which are added interest.  The one pictured above right isn’t functional because we used the space to make an expansion in my closet. There is another (as seen here) which we use to store not-often-used kitchen ware.

This seems like a silly post – just about our staircases.  Honestly, it is one of my absolute favorite parts of the house. I grew up watching shows on TV where families had dual staircases and it always intrigued me.  I am happy that I have one of my own – not only from an esthetic standpoint, but is also makes room-to-room transit a breeze (haha).  Also, you can stand at the bay window and see the entire driveway, the front door and the back door at once.  It is a good look-out post, just ask the dogs!


That is it for today – but I’ll have to clue you guys in… If you follow on twitter, you’ll know that I embarked upon some outdoor fall decor this weekend and I’m super stoked to share with you guys this week!!

Have a MARVELOUS Monday!

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